See write-up below slide show for information on my Senior or Portrait pictures.


Senior and Portrait Photography

I'm booking the 2016 Seniors now!

There are lots of things to consider when picking a photographer.  The value is obviously the biggest.  We do have some photographers in the area that will attempt to charge you a thousand dollars and not give anything more than I will.  If you know exactly what you want, I'll give you an estimate up front.  No surprises. 

Chances are also very good that you or your Senior student will already know or at least recognize me.  I am at all kinds of school events, sports, graduation, homecoming, and much more for my role as a freelance photographer for the Tri-County Times newspaper.  I get along with the Seniors very well and have them relaxed sometimes before they even get to the shoot.  That's is actually a very important step, one needs to be relaxed to capture the best shots.

My Style is a lot less Photoshop gimmicks and lot more capturing who you are.  However if you like the gimmicks, ask me, I'm sure I can do it.

My style is also a little different than the old traditional portrait style.  I like to tell a story with my shots.  I was trained by the very best Commercial Photographer in Michigan by the name of Marie DuPrie through her meetup workshops in the past, I'll use several lights, creating contrast and facial depth.

A corporate (commercial) style also means I'm not going ask you to smile for every shot.  I'll teach you how to smile without opening your mouth.  For those times when I'm looking for a smile, I won't ask you to say 'cheese' but rather 'HEY'.  Think about it, say cheese and then say hey, which one leaves your mouth in a smiling position!

One thing that drives me nuts is that a lot of photographers over Photoshop. I don't like faces that have lost all the things that make you, you.  I also don't like eyes that are so bright and colorful they are undoubtedly fake.  I do enhance the eyes when editing, but try not to take it too far.  Keep it natural. To see larger views of samples in a non slideshow format you can click on the following link

For Senior Portraits and minors, I will always ask that a parent or guardian be present, sorry no exceptions.