Welcome to DigiSharp Photography. Thank you for visiting my photography services website.  What a 2020 year; COVID-19, BLM (I support you), no sports (OMG), locked at home, the election and more. For the most part, I took 2020 off. But I as of mid April, I'm back. 

My name is Mark Bolen and I have been a professional photographer for more than 13 years now. I do not limit myself to just natural lighting, I will use up to 7 strobes if it will improve the image. I understand why and when to use them. The award winning images tend to be those photographed with strobes.  I shoot High School Senior pictures in Genesee County and Livingston County, model and fashion photography, actors, corporate offices and executive portraits, as well as commercial shoots. I have shot people from all over the state and usually am asked to travel to other states to shoot their son or daughter every year. Most of my seniors are from the Fenton, Lake Fenton, Linden, Holly, and Hartland area.  I do shoot a lot of Grand Blanc and Goodrich High School Seniors as well.  


Normally at any given time and I have had limited time to train myself, but not this year. I have grown this year and expect those from this point further to be much better than the last.


Mark Bolen is an Internationally acclaimed photographer.  Although I did not win it, I did receive the honor of being a finalist in the 2015, 2016 and top 10% in 2017 Shoot and Share Photography contest in the Senior Picture category. It was not a small local contest. In 2018 and 2019, I placed in the top 100. So the quality is consistant.  Not bad considering I was up against 150,000 other photographers.  It was an International Contest with 330,000 photo submissions from over 156 countries that received over 60 million votes from people worldwide. If your looking for the areas best photography with outdoor, indoor, headshots and portrait photography for school photos or graduation pictures, look no further, you've found him. 

My photography has had me shooting portraits and seniors from as far away as Columbus Ohio and all over the State of Michigan.  40% of my customers were from over 30 miles outside my business location of Fenton, Linden, Holly, and Lake Fenton.   When looking for a photographer, look out for those that don't have a large gallery of images to look at, most likely they just got lucky a few times.  Look for consistency.


So what sets me apart from the rest?

I love to do this! I have fun and my seniors do as well. 13 years of experience shooting at least 30 seniors a year except during the pandemic year 2020.


The second, I didn't go out and buy a camera, shoot a few friends and call myself a professional, I have close to a thousand hours training with the very best in the business learning the techniques, methods, and styles.  I have 13+ years experience, each year when I review the prior years images, I can see the improvements from the prior year.  I never stop trying new things and attempting to get better.

I won't act like you should be honored that I'm taking your picture. I'm easy to get along with and just ask that you look at my picture quality and compare with anyone else before you make a decision. I would also like to get to know you. If at the end of the session you don't feel like you should be inviting me to Thanksgiving, then I will feel like I failed.

I don't work this business like it's an assembly line. I didn't even bid on any of the area schools contracts. Most are won by how much the company gives back to the school, which is passed on to the students. 

I take the time to get the picture right. I don't just throw a flash on the top of the camera in the middle of the day and expect top notch results. I take pictures early in the day or later in the evening. I might spend 20 minutes to get the strobe lighting right before even taking what I will consider a displayable picture. The assembly line guys won't touch that. It's about volume, not quality to them.

I take my strobe units with me and get the best possible picture; whether that means using the strobes or going with natural lighting.

I also don't demand that you pick your pictures immediately after the session like a lot do.  I will post your images to my site in a private gallery where you control who is able to see it.

My best shots are those that tell a story. I do Studio Photography, offer make up artists and hair stylists if your interested. Please ask me if your interested in those; however I do have to pass along their fee for hair and makeup.

I'm confident in my ability to capture what you want at a very good price. My Senior Portrait Photography is among the best. Competitors will claim to be the best by saying they have been voted the best in area for x years. Don't believe it, I wanted to enter my photography in these competitions and can't find the contest or where this voting even took place.  Just compare images.  I display enough pictures that it should be clear that I create unique consistent results.

I love photographing the Tri-County cities of Fenton Seniors, Linden Seniors, Lake Fenton Seniors, Holly Seniors, and the other area schools of Hartland Seniors, Brighton Seniors, Grand Blanc Seniors, Swartz Creek, Kearsley, Bendle, and Byron Seniors. I've also been shooting a lot young men and women from the Flint area.  There are lots of great locations to take the best Senior and portrait pictures. Many of the pictures above are of fun shoots with great high school students that have finally reached that great time in their lives, Seniors! I have gotten to know the community well and if your son or daughter is in sports probably know them already. I have also been a sports photographer for the Tri-County Times for the past 10+ years.  That's a lot of sports shooting experience.  

My Professional Photography Studios does Portraits, Seniors, models, actors, corporate office portraits, and executive headshots. I serve services to Linden Seniors, Fenton Seniors, Holly Seniors, Lake Fenton Seniors, Milford Seniors, Howell Seniors, Hartland Seniors, Grand Blanc Seniors, Byron Seniors, Swartz Creek Seniors, Bendle Seniors, Durand Seniors, Corunna Seniors, Kearsley Seniors; as well as Genesee County, Livingston County, and the entire Flint areas. If you have some creative senior photo ideas, I love challenges and excel at senior photo ideas that Seniors want to capture. I like telling stories in my photography. My Senior Photography Studios pictures contains a lot of senior photo ideas that can spark your creative ideas. Prior to photo studio session, if you want to capture something specific or non normal, send me pictures of the area and give me the idea you have and I'll start creating a story.

I spend a lot of time with the Fenton, Grand Blanc, Holly, Byron, and Linden High School seniors. I already know hundreds of Seniors already. In general I will travel in, near and around a twenty mile radius to shoot high school senior pictures, Infant and newborn, engagement, and model, especially for comp cards and portfolios. I also display a large selection of sample senior pictures, and model tear sheets. It is a completely different way to shoot models then high school senior pictures.

Thank you,

Mark Bolen
DigiSharp Photography

email: info@DigiSharpPhotography.com

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