Step into the world of DigiSharp Photography, where senior and portrait photography transcend the ordinary. We're thrilled to have you here on our website, discovering a realm of unparalleled imagery.

I'm Mark Bolen, your photographic guide and future friend, standing apart from the crowd of photographers in our vicinity. My mission as your photographer is to weave authentic images that narrate your unique story. With an infusion of positivity, adaptability, and tranquility, I infuse each session with an energy that resonates. I combine the mastery of Photoshop, light, ISO, shutter speeds, aperture, bokeh, and the art of posing that converge to craft the finest rendition of you that not just stands out from others in the area, but the world. In global competitions with nearly 90,000 photographers submitting images, I came in 25th place (Shoot and Share). During the summer of 2023, I shot images I expect to be in the top 10 in the 2024 competion.

In my realm, imagery is an art, not just a print. It’s not what my competition does. You need to shoot with strobes when necessary, not on on camera flashes or none at all. I offer wall art and albums that embody the essence of our collaboration. I refrain from delivering raw, unrefined work, understanding the value my craftsmanship adds. While digitals may serve a purpose, my editing finesse is a cornerstone of your experience. Printing unedited work elsewhere would undercut the beauty and precision that defines my creations.

Picture this: a collaborative journey where your living space transforms into an art gallery. Digitals may rest in obscurity, but framed prints breathe life into your surroundings. Opt for archival framing, shielding your prints from the ravages of time, a choice that echoes my commitment to excellence.

Unfettered by the constraints of natural light, I harness up to 9 strobes to elevate your imagery to new heights. These flashes of brilliance often birth award-winning photographs. From high school seniors to fashion mavens, corporate leaders to commercial visions, my lens captures stories that transcend borders.

Internationally acclaimed, I wear the badge of excellence proudly. A finalist in the 2015 and 2016 Shoot and Share Photography contest, I emerged in the top 10% in 2017. In 2023, I was 25th place. A track record of consistent quality shines through, a testament to my dedication amidst a sea of 150,000 photographers. This global stage, with 330,000 entries from 156 nations, speaks volumes of my craft.

Welcome to the epitome of photography, where outdoor, indoor, headshots, and portraits converge. My lens has painted stories across Ohio and Michigan, spanning landscapes and emotions. A substantial portion of my clients transcend geographical bounds, a testament to the trust they place in my artistry.

What sets me miles apart? A journey paved with dedication and expertise. I didn't stumble into photography; I honed my craft through thousands of hours of training under luminaries. Fourteen-plus years of growth, marked by perpetual evolution, ensure your visuals are far from ordinary.

I'm not here to demand reverence for capturing your essence. Instead, I promise camaraderie and a shared vision. Judge me not by my words, but by the tapestry of images I weave. And if, by the end of our session, you don't feel like inviting me to your table, I'll consider it a challenge met.

Cookie-cutter is not my style. I reject the assembly line mentality. Unlike those who shoot and burn, I'm dedicated to the art of perfection. Whether it's manipulating strobes for the ideal light or waiting for the perfect moment, I invest the time to ensure your portrait is impeccable.

My portfolio resonates with narratives, each image telling a story. Studio photography, coupled with makeup artists and hairstylists, offer avenues for transformation. These artistic alchemists charge a fee, one I transparently pass along.

I hold my craft in high esteem, confidently capturing your desires. My senior portrait photography stands tall, impervious to mere claims of being the "best." Let images speak; my gallery is a testament to consistent uniqueness.

The Tri-County expanse—Fenton, Linden, Lake Fenton, Holly—beckons my lens. Hartland, Grand Blanc, and Flint's youth find a haven in my imagery. Sports and community merge, a blend accentuated by my decade-long stint as a sports photographer shooting for the Tri-County Times.

From the zenith of professional studios, I capture life's tapestry—portraits, seniors, models, corporate personas. A creative powerhouse, I cater to diverse schools and counties. Your ideas? They're my fuel, sparking stories waiting to be told.

Allow me to capture your chapter, whether it's Fenton, Grand Blanc, or beyond. My 20-mile radius is a gateway to excellence, embracing high school seniors, infants, engagements, and models. Stepping beyond norms, I craft narratives that transcend time.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me.

Mark Bolen DigiSharp Photography 810-629-6782 Email: [email protected]

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Small and quickly loaded images can be found here: DigiSharp Photography Senior Picture Samples

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