DigiSharp Photography What to Wear?DigiSharp Photography What to Wear?What to wear on my Senior Picture Shoot

Senior Portrait Details

Our senior portrait process is meticulously designed to create personalized photo shoots and unique senior pictures for high school seniors and parents who aspire to achieve portraits that truly reflect their individuality. While we occasionally capture exceptional senior portraits due to fortuitous timing and the perfect outfit, our best work emerges from deeply understanding you and meticulously planning every detail. We ensure that we are consistently in the ideal locations, dressed in the right clothing, and accessorized appropriately to achieve your desired look. Our combined creativity results in captivating, inspired senior portraits tailored specifically for you. 📸✨

Planning Session

Before your photo shoot we meet with you and at least one of your parents to get to know you and plan your photo shoot. During your Planning Appointment we explore your ideas, interests, activities, accomplishments and other things that make you special and work with you to translate them into an actionable plan to create the images you will love. We’ll cover everything from locations, clothing, timing and any special concerns or requests. After we’re done, we will send you a copy of the plan to review and help you prepare for your photo shoot. The plan helps everyone involved stay on the same page and know what to expect. It’s not unusual for our clients to want to make changes before the photo shoot so don’t hesitate to give us a call with your ideas or changes. Changes to the plan can have consequences you might not be aware of so be sure to stay in touch so we can help advise about possible trade-offs and make sure you get the images you are expecting. We prefer to meet our clients in person, however if that is not practical, we can meet with you over the phone as long as both you and one of your parents can be on the call together.

Photo Shoot

Prior to your photo shoot, we arrange a call with you and at least one of your parents. This allows us to get acquainted with you and meticulously plan your upcoming photo session. During the Planning Appointment, we delve into your ideas, interests, activities, and accomplishments—everything that makes you unique. Together, we translate these aspects into an actionable plan that will result in images you’ll adore.

Our discussion covers various aspects, including location selection, wardrobe choices, timing, and any special requests or concerns you may have. Once our planning is complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed plan to review and help you prepare for the shoot. This plan ensures that everyone involved is on the same page and knows what to expect.

It’s not uncommon for clients to want to make adjustments before the actual photo shoot. If you have any ideas or changes, feel free to reach out to us.  Staying in touch allows us to advise you on possible trade-offs and ensure that the final images meet your expectations.

While we prefer in-person meetings with our clients, we understand that practical constraints may arise. In such cases, we’re happy to connect with you over the phone, provided both you and one of your parents can participate in the call. 📸🌟


We have a few general rules for clothing: Wear what you love! Bring extra outfits! Accessorize as much as you are comfortable! Dress for the Weather (ever try to look pretty while you were shivering?). The rest really depends on the location and look we are trying to achieve. We spend a lot of time talking about clothing in your consultation and if we have strong opinions about what to wear and what to avoid, we’ll discuss our recommendations and include them in your photo shoot plan. We don’t put arbitrary limits on outfit changes because every senior and every situation is different. In the rare case where the number of outfits you are thinking of seems too few for the variety you are looking for or too many for the time we have planned for, we’ll advise you about the tradeoffs and help you make the appropriate changes to the plan.


We take pride in going the extra mile to photograph you at meaningful locations. These could be places that hold a special significance for you—your home, spots where you’ve grown up or spent significant time, or locations you’ve always admired for their beauty. By capturing your portraits in these meaningful settings, we ensure that your pictures carry personal significance.

While we have our own favorite locations, we also tailor recommendations based on what you’re looking for. Our goal is to keep travel between locations to a minimum while still providing the perfect backdrop for your portraits. As primarily location photographers, we thrive on the natural beauty of outdoor settings but can also use the studio to then create images combined with photoshop that appear outdoors.

Placing Your Order

After Your Photo Shoot: A Seamless Ordering Experience

  1. Review and Selection: Approximately a week or two after your photo shoot, we arrange a follow-up meeting. During this session, we present you with a curated collection of around 60 or more images. We provide expert guidance and suggestions to help you choose your favorites. We understand that decision-making can be overwhelming, so we assist you in narrowing down the selection to a manageable number.

  2. Personalized Consultation: Our approach is high-touch and consultative. We take the time to understand your preferences, needs, and desired products. Whether it’s prints, canvases, or digital files, we guide you in selecting the best options. Our goal is to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

  3. Detailed Order Report: Once you’ve made your selections, we compile a comprehensive report. This report includes image numbers, sizes, and all the chosen options. It serves as a reference for your order. This of course includes the price of the order before prints are sent to the lab for printing.

  4. Payment and Flexibility: Payment for your order is due in full at the time of placement. We also offer short-term payment plans to accommodate your convenience.

  5. Virtual Ordering Appointments: While our studio is the preferred location for ordering appointments, we understand that distance can be a challenge. Fear not! Thanks to technology, we can conduct virtual appointments via web meetings. You’ll have the comfort of reviewing your pictures from your own computer, and we’ll guide you through the order process as if you were right here with us.

Indeed, technology makes it all possible! 📸💻


Most clients preview their images and place their order during their ordering appointment without need of proofing. If you wish to preview your images ahead of your appointment, we are glad to publish them to our preview website a few days before we meet.

Pickup and Delivery

Print orders are usually completed in 2-3 weeks. Orders including albums or sports composites can take 4-5 weeks. We will arrange a time and place for the order delivery.

Creation Fee and Scheduling

  • Creation Fee: Our photo shoot creation fee is $100 per hour. The minimum duration for a photo shoot is 2 hours. This fee covers several essential aspects:

    • Planning: We meticulously plan your photo shoot, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.
    • Photography: Our skilled photographer captures beautiful moments during the session.
    • Editing and Culling Images: After the shoot, we select the top 60 or more images and do a partial edit and prepare a set of preview images for your review. Once images are selected for an order, we spend a lot more time editing the images professionally. A single image, especially composites can take an hour or more to properly edit.
  • Not Applied Toward Product Purchase: It’s important to note that the creation fee does not contribute toward the purchase of any products. Instead, it covers the essential services mentioned above.

  • Payment Timing: The creation fee is due when we confirm your photo shoot date on our schedule. This ensures a seamless process and secures your spot.

  • Extended Photo Shoots: For photo shoots lasting 4 hours or longer, we may request an advance payment. This advance can be applied toward an album or another product where the diverse range of images we create will be put to good use.

We’re committed to providing you with exceptional photography services! 📸💫


  • Flexible Photo Shoot Rescheduling and Creation Fees
  • Rescheduling Policy: We understand that unexpected situations can arise. If you need to reschedule your photo shoot, you can do so at no cost as long as you provide at least a weeks notice. We value your convenience and aim to accommodate your schedule.

  • Weather Policy: Sometimes mother nature has her own ideas as to what a good day might be. In the event of extreme cold, rain, lightening, or high wind we will need to reschedule. You will not forfeit your creation fee, we will just need to find a new date that will work for both parties. I use strobes even outdoors, so wind, cold, rain and lightening are a bad combination for my equipment.

  • Forfeiture of Creation Fees: While it’s a rare occurrence, creation fees may be forfeited in the following cases:

    • Missed Photo Shoots: If a photo shoot is missed without prior notice, the creation fee may be forfeited.
    • Last-Minute Rescheduling: If a photo shoot is rescheduled with less than a weeks notice, the creation fee will be forfeited.
  • Maximizing Value: However, many of our clients avoid forfeiting their creation fees. How? By allowing us to fill their forfeited photo shoot slot with another client or by being flexible with short-notice openings. It’s a win-win situation!

Availability and Waiting List

Our standard practice is to allocate just one photo shoot per day, and our calendar tends to be fully booked 4-6 weeks ahead. However, clients who wish to secure an earlier photo session can express their interest and be placed on our waiting list for an expedited appointment.

Prints, Products, Packages and Pricing

We are a full service studio offering photographic prints, wall decor, coffee table books, announcements and invitations, custom framing and one-of-a-kind

At our full-service studio, we provide an array of offerings to enhance your senior portraits:

  1. Photographic Prints: Capture your memories in high-quality prints.
  2. Wall Decor: Elevate your space with beautifully framed wall art.
  3. Coffee Table Books: Create a timeless keepsake with custom-designed albums.
  4. Announcements and Invitations: Personalize your announcements and invites with your favorite images.
  5. Custom Framing: Showcase your prints in unique frames.
  6. One-of-a-Kind Art Prints: Discover exclusive art pieces.

Our most popular products include:

  • Digital Negatives: These allow you to print and share your images freely.
  • Wallets: Small images that are small enough that they can be handed out at school to friends and family, but small enough that they are basically credit card sized.
  • Albums: Customizable and perfect for the coffee table or as cherished gifts.
  • Storyboards: Ideal for displaying multiple images in limited wall space.
  • Graduation Announcements: Custom-designed and unique.
  • Acrylic Blocks: Make a statement with these glossy, free-standing pieces.
  • Wall Art: Choose from traditional lustre photo paper or premium canvas.
  • Canvas Gallery Wraps: Timeless pieces for your walls.
  • Metal Prints: Durable and striking.
  • Acrylic Prints: This is the ultimate in durable and striking prints.

Descriptions of our most popular products are available on our website by visiting Senior Portrait Products. Most clients purchase a wall-sized print, several gift-sized prints, wallets and storyboard or coffee table book with their favorite images. Prints are sold a la carte and in packages. Rather than offer fixed packages, we offer discounted pricing for bundling print collections and signature products like Coffee Table Books, Storyboards and Sports Composites.

Pricing for our prints, products, collections and packages are available upon request. If you are trying to figure out how much you can expect to invest in senior portraits, we encourage you to call us at 810.629.6782. We’ll do our best to help you figure out what you want and need and then provide you with a good estimate.


We accept checks, cash and all major credit cards. Automatic payment plans are available for large orders. Checks should be made payable to DigiSharp Photography.

Payments by mail can be sent to:
DigiSharp Photography
Mark Bolen
16188 Hill Forest Dr.
Linden, MI  USA


Studio location is at Visions In Motion Dance Studio on Leroy Street in Fenton, MI.

Frequently Asked Questions and additional information

Do you offer images on CD?

You can purchase digital copies of your senior portraits individually, in collections or as add-ons to your non-digital order. Whether you are looking to print your digital images or simply share them on social media, we have options to fit your needs. All of our digital images are fully retouched and enhanced.

Dress for the occasion

Senior pictures are a special occasion, so it's important to dress accordingly. This doesn't mean you have to wear a formal gown or a suit and tie, but you should dress up a bit. For girls, a nice dress or skirt and blouse combo is a great option. For guys, a collared shirt and dress pants are a good choice. Make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free.

Consider the location
Think about where your pictures will be taken and dress appropriately. If you're taking pictures in a park or natural setting, you might want to wear earth tones or something that blends in with the surroundings. If you're taking pictures in an urban setting, something a little more trendy might be appropriate.

Choose clothing that fits well
One of the most important things to consider when choosing what to wear for your senior pictures is fit. Make sure your clothes fit well and flatter your body type. If your clothes are too baggy or too tight, it can be distracting in the photos.

Accessories can add interest and personality to your senior pictures. Consider wearing a statement necklace, a colorful scarf, or a fun hat. Just make sure your accessories don't overpower your outfit or distract from your face.

Keep it timeless
While it's tempting to go for the latest trends, it's important to remember that these pictures will be around for a long time. Choose clothing that is timeless and classic, so your pictures won't look dated in a few years.

Bring multiple outfit options
It's always a good idea to bring multiple outfit options to your senior picture session. This gives you and the photographer more flexibility and allows you to choose the best outfit for each location or set-up.

Be yourself
Ultimately, the most important thing is to be yourself. Choose clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in. Senior pictures are a celebration of who you are and what you've accomplished, so let your personality shine through in your clothing choices.

In conclusion, high school seniors should choose clothing that is appropriate for the occasion, fits well, and flatters their body type. Consider the location, accessorize, keep it timeless, bring multiple outfit options, and most importantly, be yourself. With these tips, you'll be sure to look your best in your senior pictures and have a great time celebrating this exciting milestone.